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Frequent questions you should ask before making the

purchase decisions of home doors and windows.


Is the glass non shattered?

Normal float glass easily break

With just a punch and the sharp

broken glass is very dangerous.

thin aluminum.png

How thick is your 

aluminum extrusion?

1/10 people would ask.

How secure is the lockset?

Low graded lock can be easily scrapped.


This this 100% Genuine aluminum waterproof?

Non-waterproof materials deteriorates fast and creates mould which loosen up parts

and lead to broken windows and doors.


Does this doors come with noise filter system?

The noise from unbearable traffic, busy district and the party next doors put you to sleepless nights.


How long your company is in business?

Poor after sales service. Faulty warranty or company close down 

You will know when you close those doors & windows,

you will have a piece of mind

if you have chosen the right door

Exterior doors play a significant role in the home.

They welcome guest and keep the elements and unwelcome visitors out.

According to Royal Malaysia Police, 

Malaysia recorded 15,742 break-in  

and theft cases .

Screenshot 2020-10-12 at 3.18.34 PM.png

Residential break-ins are common, and single-family homes are the most commonly targeted.


Thieves are generally non-confrontational, and most often target properties while tenants are away. 

Gated high-rise apartment complexes with 24-hour guards and better doors and windows system have a much lower burglary rate than other types of housing.

80% break in occurs during tenants were away and the house

looks easy access and poor doors and window systems.

- Malaysia 2019 Crime & Safety Report, 2019

Reliance Home casement windows can solve 99%

all the problems above!


Our Saflex Non-Shattered Safety glass went through series of

stress tests and sound test to provide you the best quality safety glass in the market.


The Saflex® E series PVB interlayer system dampens sounds from engines, wind, and road noises, making this acoustic interlayer our highest performing yet


by reducing cabin noises down to  

40 dB over the 5,000–10,000 Hz frequency range versus standard acoustic glazing.



Reliance Home 

Doors & Windows


100% Aluminium and SUS304 Stainless Steel
Hinges & Accessories








Steel Accessories


Buy a door that not only fit your home but a 

100% fit Malaysian Doors & Windows!
​25 Years Proven Track Record

Besides Casement Windows, you can opt for Mesh Security Window,

 watch the below video to find out more!

MESH DOOR can be used for any door in your home.

Be it casement windows, back yard door, main door, kitchen door or garden door.


  • Virtually See-Through while maintaining full ventilation.

  • Anti Mosquitoes, any insects invasion.

  • 1.8mm-2.4mm (Upgrade) High Graded Tensile Stainless Steel Wire joined

  • 1.8mm-2.0mm Aluminium Thickness Extrusion

  • MultiPoint Locking System

  • Strong and Durable

  • Keep Insects outside

  • Improve Ventilation and natural light.

  • Maintain Privacy

  • Stylish and Modern look, no more Grill Jail Look.

What makes us Different?

We Designed, We Tested &

We Manufactured.



Double Layer Laminated

Safety Glass

1.4mm Thickness

High Performance

Aluminum Extrusion

We use SUS304 Stainless Steel  graded hinge which

sustain weight up to 80/KG per panel door

15 Lorry, 126 workers, at least 100+ Doors installed everyday 

Our Waterproof Casement Window

is Versatile and

you can install it for at any shapes

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First in Malaysia manufactured  Bifold Door in 1999

2,688,697 Doors installed *as of Aug 2020


25 Years Specialising only in

Aluminum & Glass Products

Won 22 corporate awards in 25 years 

Completed more than 300+ Residential /Commercial 

projects in Malaysia!

More than 100 doors installed every day‼


Google Review is up to 4.3 Good Rating ️


Casement Window

100% Custom Made

Spoilt for choices!
more than 25 years 
industry experience!

15 Lorry, 126 workers, at least 100+ doors installed everyday 



Our windows fit perfectly to any shapes of your house.

You can create a room with our casement window door and

fix panel too!

The Myth about Window Glass


Tempered glass is often used for shower screen and table top. Tempered glass is known as 

safety glass as the glass is processed and strengthen to withstand greater impact.

However,  8 out of 10 people think tempered glass is safe and it will not break.

It is totally a misconception, all glass will breaks but and still at risk.


but it will still break under circumstances and when it breaks,

it shattered off into small pieces and the edge will cause injury too!


Watch the video to find out more!

#Be careful that the casement window you are using is

NOT Anti-Explosion!

Glass that is not Anti-Explosion can be dangerous!


The new glass revolution is coming!

The SAFEST SAFLEX glass in the Market called


PVB layer from Saflex (USA)



✔️100% Anti-Shattered and Anti-Explosion Glass for all Reliance Home shower screen. So you can shower with worry-free.

✔️Save 50% cleaning time with our EASY CLEAN GLASS- 

Dust or dirty liquids (including liquids containing water or even oil) are difficult to adhere to the surface of the glass, achieving an easy cleaning effect and reducing the trouble of dirt on the glass surface!

✔️We use aluminum, stainless steeel and waterproof accessories, even the screws are made of white steel to achieve 99.9% waterproof and moisture-proof effect.

✔️Each door is tailor-made, and salesman visits the size to ensure that the size is correct.

✔️100% Freedom of Choice. Yes, all shower screen are custom made with vast variety of  materials and colors to choose from, allowing you to create a door of your own style.

✔️Quality Garuanteed! No cutting corners or low quality ! Whatever we delivered is 100% whatever we show you.

✔️50% of the installation masters have 10 years of work experience, and all of them are veterans. Don't worry about the door falling out!

Old customers feedback that we have used our doors for
more than 25 years and are still in use.

🏆2018 won the SME 100 Enterprise Excellence Award

🏆18 years of ISO9001:2018 quality management 

🏆The product is certified by Singapore TÜV SÜD

🏆Won the highest Singapore 🇸🇬BUILDQUAS and 🇲🇾CONQUAS score and certification

with 88% top score

🏆For 25 years, it has been supplied to reliable local developers such as UOA Group,

Malton Group, SP Setia, Gamuda Land, Sime Darby, TTDI Corp and etc.

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-05 at 12.57_edited.jpg

Azerah Fatin

Saya pasang seluruh rumah pintu dari Reliance Home..Dan amat berpuas hati dengan kualiti produk mereka..service yang diberi kan juga sangat bagus..


Ranelle Hui

I Installed one for my kitchen and the clear class door looks really classic, thats exactly what i am looking for! The door is very smooth and solid, highly recommended.

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-05 at 12.32.46 PM.jpeg

Mr Teo Tian Leong

Was introduced by my neighbour whose door are 18 years old. Was impressed with the quality so i get one for my house too. So far the door function well but i must say it feels very solid. 

Google Review  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Interest to buy our Casement Window?
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