Swing glass doors 

can be a beautiful home

addition for you and your family.


There are many benefits to installing these aesthetically pleasing doors in the home. They maximize

✔Entry Space by 100% 

✔Natural lighting by 80%

✔Increase airflow by 80%

✔ 100% Waterproof & Rust Proof

✔Facilitate the flow of traffic to and from the house.

Are you facing the following problems? ⇩⇩

Let's stay to the ground and go to the little details! ​

Exclude imported expensive doors that does not suit

Malaysian weather and humidity.

Avoid buying the doors that seem "Macam Yes"

when listening to the sales person

But after install give you problems and expensive repair fees!

Buy a door that not only fit your home but a 

100% fit Malaysian Door!
​25 Years Proven Track Record

Reliance Home Door can solve 100%

all the problems above!

Reliance Home is the

FIRST COMPANY manufactured

WATERPROOFING Aluminum Swing Door  in year 2002

Where should you install the swing door?

When you wish to open your door up 100%

Due to limitation space,  Swing Glass door not only maximum the usage between space, it does not compromise any space constraint ,

your PERFECT Choice.

Dining Hall

Divide Dining to kitchen

Our door fit perfectly to any shapes of your house.

You can create a room with our swing door and fix panel too!






Swing Door

100% SUS304 Stainless Steel

Lockset & Door Hinge





Watch this video to know all about our

Swing Door in just 2 minutes!

What makes us Different?

We Designed, We Tested & We Manufactured.

Our sliding door mechanism has been tested

for its durability for at least 25 years. 

All materials and accessories are

designed and constantly tested from

RELIANCE HOME In-House Technical Design

Team deliberately to maintain our quality and promise.


Double Layer Laminated

Safety Glass

1.4mm Thickness

High Performance

Aluminum Extrusion

We use SUS304 Stainless Steel graded door hinge which

sustain weight up to 50/KG per panel door

First in Malaysia created "Waterproof Door" in 2002

1,038,904 Swing Doors installed *as of Aug 2020


21 Years Specialising only in

Aluminum & Glass Products

Won 22 corporate awards in 21 years 

Completed more than 300+ Residential /Commercial 

projects in Malaysia!

More than 100 doors installed every day‼


Google Review is up to 4.3 Good Rating ️

Our door fit perfectly to any shapes of your house.

You can create a room with our Swing door and fix panel too!

Toilet Door

Waterproof & Rust Proof 


✔️Using 1.4mm thick aluminum and waterproof accessories, even the screws are made of white steel, which will not rust! Let your toilet door achieve 99.9% waterproof and moisture-proof effect.

✔️Swing Door opens up 95% of the Space and saves 80% of Door Opening Space.

✔️ Filter up to 70% external noise due to double SAFLEX PVB Film (USA)


✔️Each door is tailor-made, and salesman visits the size to ensure that the size is correct.

✔️100% Freedom of Choice. Yes, the door frame and door panel have a variety of color materials to choose from, allowing you to create a door of your own style.

✔️Don’t want to design yourself? We also have more than 1,000 styles, fashionable, simple, modern, industrial, classical, mid-century modern and etc.

✔️Quality Garuanteed! No cutting corners or fake aluminum doors! Whatever we delivered is 100% whatever we show you.

✔️50% of the installation masters have 10 years of work experience, and all of them are veterans. Don't worry about the door falling out!

Old customers feedback that we have used ours for

more than 22 years and are still in use.

🏆2018 won the SME 100 Enterprise Excellence Award

🏆18 years of ISO9001:2018 quality management 

🏆The product is certified by Singapore TÜV SÜD

🏆Won the highest Singapore 🇸🇬BUILDQUAS and 🇲🇾CONQUAS score and certification

with 88% top score

🏆For 21 years, it has been supplied to reliable local developers such as UOA Group,

Malton Group, SP Setia, Gamuda Land, Sime Darby, TTDI Corp and etc.



Frame:  Aluminum Powder Coated

Panel: 4mm Acrylic Panel

*Include Installation & 2 Years Warranty




SIZE: 90CM X 210CM H

Frame:  Aluminum Powder Coated

Panel: Eco Print Panel

*Include Installation & 2 Years Warranty




90CM X 210CM H

Frame:  Aluminum Powder Coated

Panel: 6.38mm Laminated Glass

*Include Installation & 2 Years Warranty



Google Review  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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